20130814-153523.jpgI’m A Mother…… A Wife…… A Business Woman…… in that order!  I Love to cook, craft, socialize and entertain.

Welcome to My world….the world of Samoorstuff…. Let me start by clarifying why and what Samoorstuff really means….

My name is “Samar” (please read What’s in a Name post to know the “Correct” pronunciation). I am blessed with having very many nicknames such as Samboose, Samoor or Samoora. So when I was in the process of thinking of a blog name that really encompasses who I am and what this blog was all about I really struggled. I am not a health blogger, a parent guru, a fashion icon, Pastry chef, DIY fanatic I can go on….I’m just me, Samoor! While I was sharing my thoughts with my husband I said “I just want to post about what I love, how I make my life work. All my stuff…Samoor Stuff.” Just like that it struck me “SamoorStuff.com” or possibly understood as Some-More-stuff. It was Perfect… IT WAS/IS ME!

A little more about the many sides of ME 

First description of my life was “I’m a mother” intentionally because there is no job more important than raising good citizens of the world that will shape our future and affect generations to come. I am no parenting guru, high scholar in education nor a child psychologist…..with that said I will share personal experiences and tips on what works for me and my family and hopefully be able to help you along the way.

Second, a wife. Yes it is an important role, the glue that makes everything fit so to speak. We are the ones that set the mood in our household. If we’re not happy the house is unhappy. In our family everyone is important and it wouldn’t work any other way but I try to make sure all is smooth and give everyone their equal share.

Thirdly, a business owner. Originally I had established my own gift basket company called Bassinet in 2005 and 2 years later acquired a franchise out of North America The original basket boutique franchise  and merged into  The original basket boutique -Kuwait. BUT……. now that has slightly changed since  I’ve moved to Canada, probably not for long as I can’t imagine not going back to my entrepreneurship. So stay tuned for any adjustment  “hopefully” in the near future.

Thankfully (and Finally) I’m staying true to my Marketing expertise and started working with YEG Inspired. as their Advertising Representative. YEG Inspired is a quarterly parenthood magazine Celebrating Edmontonian parents, shine a spotlight on local businesses and support parents in the community.



This blog is meant to inspire, assist and entertain. Nothing extra special except a little window into my life and what I love to do.

After all it’s all about “Making Life Memorable

P.s. This Blog is always a work in progress (just like my life) so please be patient and I will make it worth the wait.

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    • Thanks so much Aunt Sandy! I had no idea you had a blog too! Will surely follow it. And thanks so much for all those extra blogging tips. I’m still at the trial and error stage.

  1. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to read more…and to all your readers…when she says “nothing extra special” I couldn’t disagree more…she’s just being modest….her stuff ROCKS!!

  2. Samar you are truly one amazing talented woman! You are an inspiration! Im so proud to know a person like you! Well done!! I’m definetly a follower I want to hear what you have to say every day! xx

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