What’s in a Name??

What’s in a Name??
What’s in a Name??

My Name is Samar, as in “Summer” the season!

what's in a name?Ever since I can remember my name has been a challenge for many “North Americans” to pronounce. So when they see SAMAR I immediately here my name butchered into  Sam-Are or Sum- Are.
I cringe every time and then I put this big smile and say “It’s pronounced Summer as in the season!”

To change, or not to change: that is the question:

Now that I have moved to North America and undergoing all sorts of major life changes I am presented with a dilemma…..should I go ahead and change the spelling of my name? Spell it  “SUMMER” or keep it as it is and lead the rest of my life correcting people? After all I am who I am no matter what my name is….right?

Making Life Memorable with my Middle Eastern Name


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