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Movies & Flops

Movies & Flops

I love going to the movies….the dark and silent theatres, the popcorn and the excitement of the unknown. Unfortunately sometimes we’re not sure what to expect and that can be a bad thing rather than a pleasant surprise…..

There was one incident of going to the movie that was so bad that my friends and I walked out and it was back when I was in college. To my disappointment it was a movie that had one of my favorite actors “Johnny Depp”. I never thought I would go to a movie that could be this bad.

The first few minutes we thought ok this is going to get better….it has to get better Johnny Depp is in it….then we realized this is a joke and isn’t getting better. The movie was Ed Wood. Such a waste of resources and good talent.

Thankfully there were very little complaints from that movie back in 1994 to now. Back then I used to go to the movies a whole lot I was young and FREEEEEEEEE.

Now with kids things have changed, I don’t go to the movies as often and if I do 95-99% of the time I’m going to a kids movie and not an adult’s movie. The 5% of the time is being blessed with a best friend that would insist on a “girls” movie night.

So needless to say I’ve probably seen every Disney, Universal and whatever other children’s production made. We have Barbie movies, princesses, postmen, fairies, animated and everything under the sun. So far the girls and I have been blessed with fun and exciting movies. Until a few days ago when we went and watched “The 7th Dwarf”……It was the worst kids movie I have ever seen. No really it was sooooo BAD!!

The concept of the movie was cute. The clumsiest of the dwarves is the hero but the execution was terrible.

Funny enough the girls liked it and were oblivious to the tackiness and inappropriateness. I mean why would they have a part where one of the characters wants to commit suicide, Seriously the dragon stood at the side of the cliff with a rope around his neck. WHAT were they THINKING!!! Totally inappropriate for an animated feature.



So if you haven’t seen the movie you are lucky! If you were planning too DON’T it’s a waste of time and money.

So go ahead and find a better way of Making Life Memorable because this movie won’t be one of them.