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Fawaz’s Funky Friday

Fawaz’s Funky Friday

It’s in Fawaz’s nature to always keep himself occupied, much like me just in different things.

Last week I talked about how you need to find a hobby and featured his diving.

Well as the weather starts to get cooler and diving season in Kuwait nears an end Fawaz must get his “winter hobby” back in shape…. that is Remote Control Cars.

Hold on… Hold on… Let me explain!!!!!

If you’re anything like me and a grown man tells you he’s into remote control cars and you get this “you can’t be serious” thought in your head as I did calm down its not just a silly remote control car we’re talking about.

These cars don’t come in a normal box and you just put 4 AA batteries in there to work. Faaaar from it.

These cars come in pieces, bolts, screws and all.

Fawaz can sit there for hours putting these high end cars together.

Yes he’s a handy man kind of guy. Loves to work with his hands.

He designs the cover, paints and puts all sorts of additions on to it to make it his own.

They even have little model men with helmet pieces that you paint and place into the car so it almost looks like someone is actually driving it.

Off course next stage is heading to the garden and testing the car out.

Fun time starts!

The reward is the final car all together and him and his friends head out to the dessert and “play”.

Do you think your man would be into it?? Check out Tamiya online to get a better idea. Or you can purchase it as a surprise on his next birthday from My Toy Co (Kuwait) and totally “Make Life Memorable” with your creative gift for him!