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Healthy Pumpkin Cookies

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies
Healthy Pumpkin Cookies

I’m always trying to make sure that my healthy food intake is more than my “Not so healthy” intake.

Making sure I’m balanced and trying to go back to my 20 year old body seems to be my Theme for the last…um “few” years. So I’m always in the search of the best recipe or something different. Thanks to the online world there’s always something I can try out and make it my own.

I’d like to share my version of a Healthy “Fall Cookie” So yummy that you have to resist eating them all!! Here’s My version of a Spiced Pumpkin Cookie.

First off gather everything you need…..

Ingredients-Pumpkin Cookie


Now that you have your Ingredients and your baking tools enjoy making the fail-proof recipe. 

Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookies

Here’s a BAKING TIP I like to use an ice cream scoop to drop my cookies, that way they are all the same size and look nicer. With these cookies I used the back of the scooper to flatten them before baking.

BAKING-Pumpkin Cookie

One important factor is that you have to consider your oven and how it usually bakes. I tend to like my cookies a little on the softer side so I tend to barely bake these for 20 minutes….However, my husband LOVES cookies extra crispy and borderline burnt at the bottom so I do make a batch that’s baked for about 25 minutes.

So Make it your own and Enjoy! Here’s to Making Life Memorable one healthy treat at a time…..


Coconut Balls Recipe…..

Coconut Balls Recipe…..
Coconut Balls Recipe…..

I had posted on my Instagram a late night picture of what I was going to make to tame my sweet craving….

Now i’m big on desserts and baking but at such a late hour i didn’t have the luxury of time and wanted to just have something sweet…. That takes less than 20 minutes to be devoured!

First Measure all the required ingredients…. You’ll need 

recipe-coconut balls ingredients

Next step is basically Mix ALL ingredients in a food processor until it begins to fold in on itself creating a dough like look.

Using a tablespoon or a mini ice cream scooper ( My personal choice!) Drop the balls of the dough onto parchment paper. ( you could just eat scoops out just like that if you want too!! )

Optional Garnish: To fancy up the balls you can sprinkle the balls with more lime zest.

Freeze the balls for at least 5 minutes if you’re in a hurry….ideally 10-15 minutes will make them completely firm

At this point you have two choices…. Eat the whole batch (totally doable!!! I know) or be a little more sensible and have a few and store the remaining in a ziploc or air tight container in the freezer…..

** You can totally substitute Lemon for the lime!


Making Life Memorable with sweet bites

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

I believe I may have been Hispanic in my past life and funny enough there were many times when I was in college (in Austin, Texas) that so many people would speak to me in Spanish assuming I was. I probably disappointed them when I’d reply in Arabic just for kicks!

Looking back at the 4 years when I was there I really should have lived up “Cinco De Mayo” a lot more. Off course I find myself looking back at MANY situations now and thinking “If only I knew then what I know now” The good thing is as we grow we realize the importance of the little things and try to make up for it all.

So because the weekend is always crammed with all sorts of things and weather is unpredictable we decided to seize the day and have a Barbecue a little earlier….

Soon on the blog will be the recipe for the Maple Pecan Chocolate Balls

Making Life Memorable with every meal!


Dental Experiences

Dental Experiences

I have the pleasure of being extremely experienced dental patient. I’ve thankfully become very immune to fear of dentists very early on in my life. With basically a full mouth of worked on teeth from basic fillings, crowns, root canals, veneers and implants I’ve had them all…..

With starting a new chapter of my life and moving to Canada one of the first things I had to find (after a Salon to do my roots off course!!) was a dentist…..

That’s when I conveniently met Dr. Amr at the Snowflake festival while he was volunteering. He was super friendly and I instantly felt comfortable. I could only imagine what he would be like as my dentist.

Next step was actually to make an appointment….That took a while but I finally got around to it and went into his clinic.

It was meticulous, clean and amazingly welcoming with a little coffee/tea corner and little surgery booties so you didn’t have to take your shoes off.

 I got to sit in the most comfortable dentist chair with a massager & heater…..talk about total relaxation, as the Dr. was working on my teeth I was cracking up while watching “Friends”.

They really go the extra mile at Nebula Dental Clinic to make your experience the best ever.

Making Life Memorable with healthy teeth…….

For More information 


Lunchbox and Schedules

Lunchbox and Schedules

I always like to make sure that my kids eat healthy and have a variety of foods so to avoid getting bored of the same packed lunches. When you have a busy schedule like our households planning comes a long way.

The first thing is to figure out a system and lists is the way to go!!! Yest at times life kinda gets in the way and your find yourself limited because you haven’t had time to go to the grocery store. That’s when you may resort to making unhealthy choices because lets face it “It’s Easy!” To avoid that I kinda have some sort of “Go To” choice that may not be completely healthy but its not junky.

My “Go To”, now remember 2 kids mean 2 different taste buds, so my quick fix that i make sure I never run out of in the house is…….. Turkey sandwich (bread for J and lettuce wrap for Zee) pickles on the side, no one likes a soggy sandwich! Cheese cubes, cucumber and apple slices. What’s your “Go To”?? Share in the comment section!

Maybe one day I’ll be fancy enough to make one of those fast videos of me prepping a lunch box  after all its also pushing my boundaries and  Making Life Memorable along the way!!


Quick Fix Dinner

Quick Fix Dinner

There are times in every mother’s life where all she needs is a quick fix dinner because some activity ran too late and bedtime is approaching and there isn’t much time to prepare a “proper” Dinner.

On days like these I often turn to a simple mix & Match of veggies.

Those days I open up my freezer and it’s vegetables feast!!


So the menu is:
Green Peas & Corn
Brussels Sprouts
“House” Salad with oil & vinegar dressing
Cream of Mushroom Soup

Healthy, filling and quick dinner what more can a mom ask for after a hectic day?

So the next time you’re stuck and don’t have time remember Mix & Match what you have and concentrate on Making Life Memorable.

Officially Sick

Officially Sick

One of the hardest things of being a mommy is getting sick… the last thing we need in our busy schedule is not to have energy to do it all.

This past week I have tried to fight it as much as I can but I guess it caught up on me.

So in the process I have researched natural remedies that help in speeding the process of recovery. As much as we all would like to believe that there are remedies but in truth a cold is going to take a week with or without medication but all we can do is relieve the pain.

I have found that ginger really help in relieving soar and itchy throat. There are many ways you can take it. As a tea as a “shot” but my favorite is blended in my smoothie.


It’s a fairly simple Recipe

1 Green Apple
1 Carrot
1/2 inch Ginger
1 1/2 Cup Water

Blend it all in your blender and enjoy the zingyness.

If your prefer not to have it textured and own a juicer just do the same but omit water.

It would be nice to say that I hope you won’t have to use this one day but the likeliness of that is minimal.

So here’s me signing off and hope I get well enough to continue Making Life Memorable.

My Mission Week

My Mission Week

It’s funny how sometimes life takes over and you’re just busy doing your daily routine that it takes you maybe days (or months) to realize that you’ve lost your groove.

In my case it could be overwhelmed with life. Apart from the punches it has thrown at us, we ( my husband and I) have kept it together this past year. Hoping that come September our mission to keep on track should fall into place (insert prayer here!)

I’ve taken these past few days to make a list of the things that I have to get back on the wagon. The first I shared with you yesterday which was the “Return of blogging” so mission one seems to go as planned as I’m still typing