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Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea

Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea
Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea

Sometimes it’s about appreciating yourself….

I find so many time I’m just busy thinking of everyone around me and I forget that I have to treat myself too.

While we were at Southgate Center I realized hey what’s more special than buying a few treats for myself and call it my own Mother’s day gift for Myself.


 I indulged…….


I splurged……


I stocked up

on a few teas and a little bit more from what is now my favorite tea store…..  DAVIDs Tea

I just can’t believe it took me that long to actually go in and buy some things from there. I think it was probably avoiding the inevitable of spending more than I need to but its ALL very much worth it!


I couldn’t wait to come home and make me a cup of tea.

Making Life Memorable one sip at a time!!!

Brunch At Moxie’s

Brunch At Moxie’s
Brunch At Moxie’s

Every Weekend there’s always a dilemma in our house as to where to go out for breakfast. Coming from Kuwait where it’s basically Restaurant-Mania I find it extremely challenging  in Edmonton. Maybe because not everything is centered around eating as it was back home??? Or possibly I’m not in the IN CROWD never the less we still have to research convenient and nice breakfast places.

So by pure luck and coincidence we found out that Moxie’s has one greaaaat breakfast. My personal favorite was the Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bagel.

AAAAAAAnd better yet they are having a Mother’s Day Brunch!!! 


Visit Moxie’s website to find the closest Moxie’s to you….

Making Life Memorable for Mom!

Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!

Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!
Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!

Every mom deserves a night in the week to do just something that takes her mind off of the schedules, organizing and parenting she has to structure every week.

Well with Mother’s day there’s so much but you can always do something a little extra the day after tooo!!! Because after all Every day should b Mother’s Day!!!

Head over to one of my favorite spots. “Good Earth Cafe” and get painting with the guidance of Floral Blueprint.

You can book your ticket by clicking the image below….

Paint Night at Good Earth Cafe Summerside

Making Life Memorable with every brush stroke……

Ha Ha 20 years ago today

Ha Ha 20 years ago today

This can’t be true!!! I can’t believe that I ca actually say something like ” 20 years ago I……..”  WHAT??? How is that possible??  Well the truth of the matter is I’m not as young as I think I am in my head.

So my thing today is 20 years ago I graduated from St. Edward’s University….. I became an alum of the same university my dad (May he rest in Peace) graduated from back in the 60’s.

Proud class of 1997…yes the nineties people!! I know I’m just as surprised as you are that I was an adult then…..

Off course the perfect indication of this momentous occasion would be a picture of me….and I have the best one in mind.

Unfortunately it’s still in shipping and I will update this post as soon as the box with ALL my pictures arrive.


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Making Life Memorable no matter how “young” I am!


Snow to Sun

Snow to Sun

Weather in every Country is super unique and it creates a new appreciation to nature. I’ve never lived anywhere that snowed….let alone continuously cold for long periods of time. I’m now living in Canada that is teaching a new appreciation to both Snow and Sun.


It almost sounds unreal when I say I came from +50 C to -40 C…. hard to really wrap your head around it. As one of my friends said (and I repeat continuously)  “There’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”. I find now with a good coat and boots I can last about 5 minutes outdoors….LOL!!! I actually made myself laugh as I wrote that……





Again its what you make out of it…. snow angels snow men and all





And then when it all melts you have a gorgeous clear sky…..



Your kids get super excited and run up a brown hill that will soon be green…..




………and scream AAAAAALLLL the way down.




It’s all about taking those lemons life gave you and making Lemonade… So Making Life  Memorable is in the palm of your hands!!

Easter Photo

Easter Photo

One of the nicest things since I’ve moved to Canada is that I don’t have to work so hard on recreating a celebratory atmosphere for the girls. Everyone celebrates too!!

With Easter around the corner everywhere I look are bunnies, eggs and chicks….So much to choose from that I end up feeling extremely overwhelmed and the fact that I still don’t have my usual plan. I’m going to miss my usual Easter egg hunt in my garden with my playgroup peeps!

Yet there’s so much to do around here I hope that I venture out to at least one event!


We did get to go to West Edmonton Mall and were surprised to see the bunny photo Op….I really felt like i was in one of those movies….My version would definitely be a “National Lampoons” one!

You can get yours done at West Edmonton Mall until April 17 at the Centre Stage, Level One, in front of Hudson’s Bay

Mon-Thu Noon to 7pm

Good Friday & Sunday Noon to 5pm



The girls loved all the fancy decorations on the stage and getting some cotton candy must have been another highlight too!!!

So If you haven’t already and you’re in Edmonton I suggest you get hopping and start Making Life Memorable!

Blog Rehab

Blog Rehab

I’ve been so overwhelmed with “living” that I haven’t had time to dedicate to my blog.

To my followers I truly apologize for being too busy, but I hope that you follow me on Instagram (@samoorstuff) to stay tuned. To all new readers I hope to bring you into my life through my blog.

I’m hoping that today will be the day that I get my groove back and I’m calling it BLOG REHAB.

So stay tuned for more inspiration, fun stuff, DIY projects and more ways to Make Life Memorable!



I sometimes sit and wonder about how many hats I play in a day. Being a mom is really under-rated. The multitasking that we have to do is mind boggling. All while trying to look your best or at least presentable, control your temper and stay focused with a plastered smile. Oh and we won’t even touch on the fact if you had to go to a full time job, or own a business or those good old days of volunteering!

Life must have meaning… REAL meaning. I choose to blog because I want to share my knowledge, crafts, experiences and things I find useful as a mom. A real down to earth (can I say that about myself without sounding pretentious?) content based blog. You will never find me in 100inch red soled heels, I am most likely going to have more ponytail and casual days, and the only entourage I will EVER be walking around with are my little girls.

Yes people do not take offence if you belong to the “BLOGYWOOD” arena this is all based on facts not opinion. No I do not want to be you…it’s just too exhausting to witness. No I do not envy the crowds that hoard you. No I do not want to be oogled over while in public trying to spend time with my family. And No No No for so many other reasons.

It is so apparent that unfortunately there is a hunger in Kuwait for the “Hollywood” lifestyle. Since that’s never gonna happen BLOGYWOOD has been created. An arena of fashionistas and “IT” people to follow, mimic and drool over.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that I’m talking about those specific people that all of a sudden came out of the woodwork and think that they are trend setters and the best thing that’s walked this earth.

Be careful what you’re doing… there is so much more to life. What mark are you leaving behind? What is your contribution to this world? and more importantly WHAT are you going to do when this craze is over??

Advice from me to you… wise up!

Make your life memorable because in a few years when there’s a new Fad in Kuwait you’re only going to be left with just YOU.

(Post inspired by a few people that I used to know and now actually don’t say hello if they see me because they’re in the “IN” crowd)