Polish Galore

Polish Galore

I am not one for vanity, we will see me in public without makeup, in flats wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but there is one thing that I will say will always be there in the style department and that’s NAIL POLISH!

My nails no matter how short they might end up being will always be polished, and if my nails just have a clear coat my toe nails will ALWAYS be polished. My biggest pet peeve is open toe shoes that reveal unpolished toe nails!!

In my busy schedule I rarely have time to get a professional Manicure and Pedicure so I’ve resorted to doing it myself. Which isn’t hard since I gained lots of experience in college with my Roomie & Bestie!

With doing it myself came the responsibility of having color choices.

The more colors you have the less you use certain colors. The best are the OPI MINI you can have a large range of colors that you use and won’t dry up like the regular 15ml size bottles because you’ve used it up.

opi Mini

These little 3.75ml come in sets of 4, 6 or 10. I am in love with them!!! I highly recommend nail polish lovers to get a few sets and keep them stocked up at home. 1

I also love these collections because they have a theme related to it. Makes it easier to choose. The world of nail polish can be very overwhelming at time.

I’m going to sign off to put some nail polish and get busy in Making life Memorable one nail at a time

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