I’m a swim Mom!!!

I’m a swim Mom!!!

It’s so funny how among all the things I’m juggling I can actually say I have another thing on my list….yup I’m a swim Mom.

No not a soccer mom….. A SWIM MOM. What does that entail other than the obvious going back and forth to practice….oh so much more! So So much more.

That means I have another job of volunteering for bingo, collecting points by attending clinics and courses, volunteering for meets oh and collecting donations for whatever cause. Sounds like so much and you’d think I’d be complaining….Nope not I!! I’m actually loving it!

I love being part of a team (even though I’m not actually the one swimming), making sure the girls are on time and ready to swim full force and most of all being a cheerleader. I don’t think I know how to be “not busy” it’s a luxury I do not understand.

Making Life Memorable and staying active….

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