Digital Pictures

Digital Pictures

I can’t decide if digital pictures are a curse or a blessing. We are blessed to have such amazing technology that we can take pictures and videos with our smart phones… Any time, any place, instant development, over and above we can share them on our social media for basically Everyone in the world to see….. Yet once I upload them, back them up it seems that I never go back to them….

Seriously!! I was going through files and files in order to find a specific picture from one of the girls’ birthday.

It took me HOURS because I ended up just viewing whatever file I opened because I saw pictures I didn’t even remember I had.

Ok I have to admit I’m really guilty when it comes to organizing them…yes that is a flaw in my OCD, DYI, organization fixation. I even attempted to make sure I put them on Shutterfly. It doesn’t seem to be enough….

It’s funny how something so good as digital photography can turn out to be overwhelming while I’m busy “Making Life Memorable” I’m also having an inner battle as to how to organize my memories…..

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  1. Benrowef64 I do have them by date but I tend to download 1000 at a time and lots of different categories. Hard to dedicate a quick download into organization… Vicious cycle really!

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