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Upgrading Site

Upgrading Site

Dear Readers, followers, bloggers and those little stalker/lurkers

We will be upgrading a few things on the site and may have to stop posting for a few days… I will try my best to keep them coming until completely necessary……

Stay tuned ‘cuz I’m gonna continue to share how I keep Making Life Memorable!

How we spent our Summer in Kuwait

How we spent our Summer in Kuwait

I can’t believe there’s just 2 weeks left for my girls to go back to school. I feel like it was just yesterday that it was their last day and I was beginning to hyperventilate thinking how will I keep them occupied.

Well In my frenzy I looked up many online resources to make sure I never ran out of ideas. Amazingly we always had something to do!!

Our days were kept at a routine basis. First thing breakfast…. Lots of times the girls helped out in the kitchen which was an event on it’s own!!!

Then there’s always the list of “Summer Homework” assigned to them. Throughout the year I buy workbooks as soon as I see them because I never know if I’ll find them when I need them. I usually have the girls do 2 pages in addition to reading and a small writing assignment for Jennah…

We then move on to free play…..this usually involves a big mess which they know they will have to clean (thankfully that takes a while so it’s also in the category of something to do) Or we have a suggestion and negotiation of what they can or can’t play/do. Check out my list of Things to do Indoors with Kids.

Off course there’s always the outing possibility…. Unfortunately that most of what we’ve done is always indoors (with the exception of swimming) because it’s just toooooo Hot in Kuwait. I’ll also have another list for you to check of Outings in Kuwait with Kids soon.

Hope this has inspired you in making your own lists for those future holidays coming up!

So go ahead and spend time with your kids while Making Life Memorable…