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Educational Workbooks

Educational Workbooks

I’m the type of person when I see something I just have to stock up!!! Especially things that are hard to find and not always readily available in Kuwait.

There are 2 major areas (other than unique food items) that are always a challenge. Crafting materials and kids books/workbooks.

While I was shopping yesterday at Sultan Center (in souq sharq) I went upstairs to the kids/electronic section. I was browsing as usual just to see what the latest books they have.


To my pleasure I found several rows of children’s workbooks… It was so nice to see them in quantity, variety and for children from preschool up to grade 5.

If you’ve been shopping in Kuwait in the regular places where you might find these you’ll know that they can get very expensive and over-priced. I was very happy to see that the price range started from KD0.750 to about KD3.500.

So if you’re looking for something to enhance your children head out to Sultan Sharq because you never know when you’ll find them again.

The girls were very excited when they came back from school and found their new workbooks….