Things to do Indoors with Kids.

Things to do Indoors with Kids.

Having kids and keeping them entertained and busy is always a challenge for parents. When you have issues like weather to worry about be it dust, heat, rain or for the lucky ones snow the challenge seems to be bigger.

I have came up with a list of things for myself that I would like to share and hopefully assist parents & their kids. This is in no way a static list!! I keep adding but it’s a start for you….. Mind you I have 2 girls so you’re probably going to notice that many of the suggestions are girl oriented (Sorry Boys!)

1. Bake
2. Play with blocks
3. Color
4. Paint
5. Make homemade Play dough.
6. Play with Play Dough.
7. Build a fort with pillows, bed sheets, chairs and
8. Read and let the kids act out the story
9. Dance
10. Dress up and create a play
11. Play Tea party
12. Do Puzzles
13. Play Board games
14. Play Uno or cards
15. Take a bubble bath and play with bathroom toys & crayons
16. Have a spa day with lots of lotions, hair curlers and nail polish
17. Play with Barbies or Action Men.
18. Build lego or happyland village
19. Make an obstacle course
20. Make Sock Puppets and create a puppet show.
21. Design a T-Shirt with Fabric Markers
22. Make Popsicles.
23. Make Paper Airplanes
24. Play with Chalboard and Chalk or Whiteboard
25. Play with Bubbles
26. Prepare a dinner buffet… we usually make fresh burgers and put all the fixens on the table.
27. Make cookies
28. Read
29. Make an Experiment
30. Organize the playroom.
31. Craft
32. Finger & Foot Paint
33. Make your own treasure hunt
34. Have an indoor picnic
35. Play hide and seek
36. Paint rocks or shells
37. Play hairdresser
38. Wash all the barbies
39. Make fruit salad
40. Movie night with popcorn
41. Make bead Jewlery
42. Make pizza
43. Create an architecture project using marshmallows & toothpicks
44. Plant fruit seeds into indoor pots
45. Skip rope and hula hoop
46. Choose an interesting topic and research on google
47. Have a fashion show
48. Make a volcano
49. Make paper mâché
50. Have friend & cousins over

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