The Fat Burning drink-Followup

The Fat Burning drink-Followup
The Fat Burning drink-Followup

Last Month I posted about a Fat Burning Drink…..

As promised I have tried it for the past 30 days and here are my thoughts


    The mix of Coconut oil, cinnamon and honey was not unpleasant when added to my coffee. It sweetened it a lot more than I like but not undrinkable.


    The recipe was sufficient for 1 month as long as you measure 1 teaspoon for each morning coffee. A slight variation will make you run low towards the end of the month.


I had hoped for a drastic change but that’s wishful thinking

Weight → Unchanged

Waist → Trimmed 3cm

Weight → Trimmed 4cm

So in total that’s 7cm less than what I was a month ago.


It was wishful thinking that I have found a magic potion that will melt away all the unwanted fat.

I’m not going to continue adding it to my coffee because it was too sweet for my taste.

Going to stick to trying to eat clean/Healthy and add some sore of exercise!

Making Life Memorable trying to loose weight the old fashioned way…..




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  1. The honey has to be knocking you out of ketosis/fat burning mode since you’re putting sugar into your body and it would rather process that over fat & coconut oil. What if you sweetened with something like stevia instead?

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