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Where are we from???

Where are we from???

The million dollar question of “where are you from?” may be easy to answer for some and challenging for others.

In the Global world we live in today we all have so many cultures, races, countries and beliefs that it would be hard to box us into one.

Take me for example……I don’t consider myself to be from one place. I am a culture on my own….but that’s a whole other post that i’ll save for later!!!

This specific post I dedicate to Nancy NG.

I had the pleasure of meeting her while at Indigo as she was promoting her book. We spoke about the challenge of being from so many different places and I can’t wait to start reading her book. 

I mean with a title like “No, Really, Where are YOU from?” I totally get it!

So here’s Making Life Memorable no matter where you’re from.