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Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2017
Ramadan 2017

The most difficult part of being away from Family is when you have to start a new tradition of your own….

A New place…

A New life….

A New beginning…… 

This Ramadan is another “NEW” and will be very different for me…..


No Twice a week Futoor at my Mom’s, no hanging out to the wee hours with my sister M playing cards and eating “Hab” (seeds). Read the rest of this entry

Things I love

Things I love

There’s one thing that always makes me feel complete and that’s my hair…..I am done with ponytails and buns ever since I bought this one piece of equipment….by far this is my favorite curler ever.

Something quick and easy to complete any look and that’s the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

It’s one of those things that has made me wonder how I ever survived without it!!! This helps Making life Memorable with the perfect curls….

Fancy PhotoShoot-Easter

Fancy PhotoShoot-Easter

The wonderful thing i found about moving to Canada is the fact that you instantly become part of a community. With the help of social media and our “Community League” facbook page i got to virtually meet so many members of my community. It keeps me up-to-date without trying and knowing what new businesses are basically in our backyard!

This is exactly how I found out about the BODEUX PHOTOGRAPHY! We had the best time during the girls Easter photo session…

There was lots of gigles and laughs and Jared was absolutely amazing and patient when the girls were a little too silly!! And boy can the be extra silly!!!

Everything was super easy from the time we booked our session all the way to downloading the pictures!


As hard as it was to choose a picture to feature on the blog I figured I have to just blindly pick one!!

But then you don’t really get the essence of how much fun the girls had as much as this picture!!!

So the next time you are Making Life Memorable be sure to contact  BODEUX PHOTOGRAPHY I’m positive you’ll have a wonderful experience.

For more information contact Jared Bodeux





I started off this post writing “I’m so Excite” then I realized this seems to be a reoccurring way to start…  That’s not good blogging technique but hey I’m really excited so I’m thrilled, enthused, delighted….or whatever adjective you choose about what we have planned for today!!!

We are taking the girls to PRAIRIE GARDENS to their Hop! Easter Festival I’m not sure if the girls are going to have much fun as I will!!!

I can’t wait to get there and do everything!!! If you’re interested the details for the00 are:

Good Friday April 14th, Saturday April 15th, Easter Sunday April 16th, and Holiday Monday April 17th.

I’m pretty sure  Prairie Garden will be Making Life Memorable for us this Easter!


Easter Treats….

Easter Treats….

I’m so excited I get to send some treats to school with the girls!!! I’m convinced my DIY hobbies are turning into an addiction…….but still don’t care!!!


Due to some gluten and nut restrictions in class this Easter I’m sending something fun but simple!!! These Easter bags are filled with chocolate and sprinkle coated marshmallows and popcorn. A little sweet and a little salty is what I’m going with.




I also made little tags with the girls names to add something a little more personalized!!! Nothing too fancy just little bunnies on Polka labels with a small “Happy Easter” and each girls’ name.



Found some really cute Easter themes ziplock bags at Dollarama which made it that much easier than designing my own…..plus being Very cost effective!

I’m just keeping true to myself and what I love doing!

Making life Memorable one holiday at a time….