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Yarn Scrap

Yarn Scrap

My girls Love to play with yarn. Yes it’s a random thing we have in our household but give them a ball of yarn and they’re like little kitties thinking of what to do with them.

After many yarn crafting sessions, scissors and just cutting for no reason I end up with all sort of lengths of yarn.

YarnIn an effort to keep everything organized I collect all the scraps of yarn and into the Yarn box they go. Well one fine Friday morning while thinking of a crafting session with the girls I decided its time to get “yarny”.

I had the girls sort out all the different colors and try to unknot as much as they can. Off course some were just unknot-able and we had to cut them leaving us with odd lengths and that’s when I had a moment. Lets just do Yarn pompoms. A great way to recycle all this little pieces!


First we placed a large loop of orange yarn as the base of the pompom. Loop
Next it was placing all the different colors and stacking them up over the looped yarn. placement

The last step was weavng the loose end of the looped yarn into the loop and tightening it. looping

Viola!! A Yarn pomom was made 

And more importantly the yarn box is nice and neat…..for now!