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The story of the missing workbook

The story of the missing workbook


There comes a time in every mother’s life where she must endure the horror of the missing workbook, homework, journal or Library book.

I’ve been very good about trying to be as composed as possible when these minor things happen.

Mainly because I keep reminding myself it’s just elementary and not Harvard.

Until today…….why today???

I’ve been frantic! Searching high & Low….. tracing back to the beginning

Still no Math Workbook to be found. Worse of all it’s the one that stays home so it must be here somewhere!!!

Then I think to myself OH NO OH NO!!! It’s the weekend and I have no clue where Jennah’s Math workbook. I’m positive and sure we left it where we always do. Yet it seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Usually I would take it with a grain of salt and tell her to look for it except I can’t do that this weekend because she has a TEST!!!

I’m feeling the stress… almost as though I’m the one that’s going to be graded. Well then again parents are judged and graded by their kids performance but that’s a whole other post!!!

I rummage through all the past papers and teacher e-mails. I find the main topics of what’s going to be covered and off to my main man “Google” I go…

Search “Grade 3 Telling Time free worksheet”…Find appropriate page…Print!

Search “Grade 3 Money (USD) free worksheet”…Find appropriate page…Print!

Search “Grade 3 Number Patterns free worksheet”…Find appropriate page…Print!

Search “Grade 3 Name Collection Boxes free worksheet”…Find appropriate page…Print!

Search “Grade 3 Place Value free worksheet”…Find appropriate page…Print!

GREAT!!! sigh of relief, my own homemade workbook. Funny even in this I have my own DIY.

The dilemma still remains as to where did Jennah’s Homelink Workbook disappear too??? Come Sunday and we shall see!!

With that I will leave you with a few websites I stumbled on that any mom will find useful…

Home School Math
Everyday Math
Math Aids
Kid Zone
Super Teacher Worksheets
Math Tube
K 5 Learning

So to all you mommies out there that struggle with you child’s responsibility there is comfort in that they will grow out of it…but for now we do what we can to ensure that we come out of it alive and still sane!!!

Here’s Making Life Memorable one Math worksheet at a time!!



In an effort to help Jennah learn her vocabulary I resorted to an old and ancient technique despite all the “modern” methods I have read about online (eg. My previous post Spelling & Vocabulary).

The first thing I did was go to our area stationary store…. Fun Fun Fun!!! and I bought “special” Vocabulary requirements.

They include different colored index cards, markers and highlighters. It was hard to control myself and not buy anything else.

I just had to keep reminding myself to stay focused on why I was there!

index-vocab WORDS
I had written all the vocabulary words on one side of the index card, made it fun by using different colors.

We then spoke and demonstrated each word to each other using different actions and memory triggers. That way she had a visual of me every time she read one of her words. It was almost like a weird game of charades.
I had written all the vocabulary words on one side of the index card, made it fun by using different colors.

After practicing and talking about each of her vocabulary words for a little while I had Jennah write the corresponding meaning of each word on the reverse side of the Index.

The prepping of the index cards ended and we then went to traditional Flash card technique.

I would show her the word while the reverse side was facing me. She just had to tell me the answer and I could easily check it since it was facing me.

I’m proud to say that this technique is 100% effective because she did really well on her vocabulary test.

One test down and many more to go!!!

With a little more effort I managed to transform studying into Making Life Memorable by studying creatively.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling and Vocabulary

Ok it’s official Jennah is in Grade 3 and I’m starting to have heart palpitations… We are no longer coloring and working on chapter books. This is some serious stuff here!!!

Our first week and we’ve got spelling and vocabulary test to study for, and when I say we I really mean WE!!

I’ve been doing a ton of research on how to teach vocabulary words….between spelling city, teaching websites and other spelling apps on the ipad I have come to a few realizations and conclusions that I would like to share.

Please bare in mind I am not an educator or a scholar. I am just a regular mom wanting to make the learning experience for my child as pleasant and painless as possible (For the both of us!).

What I am about to write is my opinion and my take on learning/teaching. It may help you find new methods, re-enforce what you already know or just be irrelevant to you.

In my little world I’ve found it helpful and hope that you do too!

wordstudyRR_mastheadA very interesting article I came across was about “Word Study”

This article talks about how to teach children to identify which letters are in a word using certain rules.

The technique is basically moving away from just memorizing how a word is spelled but rather developing the skill and knowledge of figuring out how its spelled.

I was actually intrigued by the whole concept and made a note on doing more research about “Word Study”

This website also has an online newsletter that you can subscribe too which I was oh so eager to sign up for!

Of course there is more to this website and definitely worth the browse.
K5logoThe next website is K5 Learning This site covers learning from kindergarden to Grade 5, so it has everything you need for the elementary level.

It covers areas of both Math, language (reading/Spelling…etc) & study skills. A more comprehensive site that’s interactive with videos of what tools they provide.

I was even more impressed after watching their “Parent Video” explaining what K5 Learning and the tools they provide.

My favorite is that your child is actually assessed by the website to know what level they’re at and selects the best program for them.

This however is a paid website and if you’re like me I only like FREEEEEE stuff. It’s still worth the money though and has a 14 day trail with no obligation to subscribe.

These were the most prominent 2 research sites for the day. There is so much more out there that I had to stop myself before getting more overwhelmed than I already am.

So with everything you do for your child in Making Life Memorable put a little more effort in making studying memorable for them too!!

First Day of School

First Day of School

Are your kids already in School??

Well I’m so lucky to announce that today is officially the first day of school for my girls.

Jennah is going to Grade 3 and Zeenah to KG1.

What a milestone in my household to finally have both girls go to the same school where drop off and pick up is at the same place & same time!!!

There are many traditions that we have, most of which happen yearly. (Thank God or else I imagine I would run out of ideas)

One of those traditions is the first day of school picture. It started off very simple. My child with their back pack, smile, click & done…. Somehow along the way it started to get a little bit more than just that.

I started to make print outs with their Grade and what they want to be…. Well I think this year I probably went a little overboard. Probably because I’m so excited that both of them are in the same school.

I not only put a lot more details on what I called “photo sign” I actually went to our local photocopying office and printed them out on A3 paper….



It’s becoming very clear to me that I’m setting the Barr a little high for my girls that these things become expected rather than being “special”.

But to tell you the truth that really doesn’t matter because I truly enjoy what I do for them.

They know the value of what I do and that’s all I care about. In their eyes I do see the excitement and appreciation. For that I am thankful.

ZEE Sign


So here’s to a great New School Year for all children around the world!

It’s al about Making Life Memorable.

Educational Workbooks

Educational Workbooks

I’m the type of person when I see something I just have to stock up!!! Especially things that are hard to find and not always readily available in Kuwait.

There are 2 major areas (other than unique food items) that are always a challenge. Crafting materials and kids books/workbooks.

While I was shopping yesterday at Sultan Center (in souq sharq) I went upstairs to the kids/electronic section. I was browsing as usual just to see what the latest books they have.


To my pleasure I found several rows of children’s workbooks… It was so nice to see them in quantity, variety and for children from preschool up to grade 5.

If you’ve been shopping in Kuwait in the regular places where you might find these you’ll know that they can get very expensive and over-priced. I was very happy to see that the price range started from KD0.750 to about KD3.500.

So if you’re looking for something to enhance your children head out to Sultan Sharq because you never know when you’ll find them again.

The girls were very excited when they came back from school and found their new workbooks….

School Open House

School Open House

If any of you out there still don’t have kids (and are planning to) believe that you’ve graduated school and think its all over HAAAAAA Joke’s on you! Think again!!!

It’s only over after your kids have graduated, become adults and have their own kids to worry about!!

The first 2 weeks of school are over and I still have knots in my stomach!! Every time I see a paper coming home in Jennah’s folder I squint and think “now what!”

Ahaaa invitation to attend an open house…. So I’m thinking sure I can handle that! (but please oh please I don’t want to meet that overbearing mom face to face!) Opps should I write that in public?

We tuck the girls in bed, give them an extra 10 minutes to read and out the door my husband and I go.

Kisses here and hellos there to all the mom’s and dad’s we’ve become closer to in the past few years. As my heart is racing and my mind’s thinking “Oh please prove to me once again that I made the right choice in selecting this school for my daughter”

ClassWe walk down the 2nd grade hall approaching Jennah’s classroom. There it is on the left Room P014.

My Heart pounding and thinking “Please please be a pleasant year!”

We walk in and naturally we’re the first parents there….funny enough Jennah’s teacher guessed we would be! Yikes ! Am I turning into those mom’s that the teacher avoids when he/she sees them approaching.

Samar forget it….move along, who cares what he thinks.

We take a seat at Jennah’s table and take a look at her little note for us….AWE how sweet she thinks we’re the best parents even when we shout….


Time to look around….OMG!! How cute is that Tweet board!

What an amazing idea!!!

Teacher posts a question as a Tweet and the kids write their responses on sticky notes.

Totally creative!


Oh and check out that Hopes and dreams Board….

Each child write’s what they want to accomplish in the academic year.

Now I’m thinking why didn’t we have this stuff when we were growing up!


Back to Jennah’s table we go and take our seats.

Ready for our guidelines for the year!!!

Her teacher takes the floor and then I start to ease myself into a smile and say to myself.
He sure is going to be “Making Life Memorable” for Jennah!

Study Station Success

Study Station Success

Girls tucked in and fast asleep and my mind is so much clearer. Grabbed my cup of yogurt and sat in front of Jennah’s desk assessing the situation.

What should I tackle first?? The easiest naturally. All last year and summer Artwork removal. I decided what’s worth saving and what goes for recycling. I did go through them at the end of the school year but it seems I lost some of the attachment to the girls artwork.

Half way through going through the papers, art projects displayed and in folders I realized it’s taking way to much time. I decided to put them on the side and work on something else.

It’s time to organize the stationery. The containers I used were small tin buckets, small basket and small plastic bins.
Stationary desk
Tins: I put erasers in the extra small tin bucket. Pencils in the small tin bucket.

Plastic Bins: Colored Pencils in a plastic bin and markers in the other bin. I made sure I sharpened all the pencils with my electrical sharpener. A must have in our household with the amount of coloring we do!

Basket:In the small basket I put post it notes and small notepads, I use these for marking her assignments and for explaining things while studying.

After I cleared up any additional papers hanging out in the other cubbies of her desk I put a clipboard, whiteboard and an empty magazine holder for new papers coming back from school.

Now the laptop and headphones are neatly placed in the other corner of her desk.

I removed everything from the top up and it’s time to look at the bottom…. Yikes!!!

Do things crawl in our household? Why are their toys? Painting gear? Blocks? Crafting things…if I’m going to continue the list of what I found it’ll develop into a whole other post!

Obviously I had to spend a little extra time organizing homes for all these miscellaneous items. Painting and crafting on the painting corner, blocks & Lego with the rest of the blocks….etc
below Desk
All cleaned up down there for some leg room and a few empty magazine holders for my little second graders work.
I took a step back and felt proud of how neat the space looked, off course I’m not sure how long that would last but at least it’s a great way to start the new school year. Still I felt it was lacking something….I have to add some sort of personal touch.
Then it came to me, the cork board looked so plain…. I took the push pins and made the letter “J” for Jennah.

I’m sure it’s not going to last before all the papers take over but hey I had to have my touch somewhere!

The final look of an organized Study Space for Jennah, now she’s ready to tackle 2nd grade….you think?

organized Desk

Read the Part one of this post

CAP kids Art program

CAP kids Art program

Today I’ll be taking Jennah to her first class at the CAP kids art classes. I think I’m more excited than she is. I was happy to actually read about it on @whats_kickin.

The program duration is 1 month for twice a week, each session is 2 hours. The great thing is that the program is teaching everything about art. Techniques, artists and practical drawing too. I’m actually curious to see how the end result of their Art work. Hopefully it will light something up in Jennah and she can pursue it further…..but with school closing in I’m not sure if I’ll continue after the first month.

For those that are interested be sure to visit their website. They’re located in Life Center (same building as Eureka and Midas), Industrial Shuwaikh. I also highly recommend visiting their art library. So many books to go through and learn about artists and techniques. I’m planning to sit with Zeenah my 3 year old in their library and hopefully do some “learning about Art” while Jennah’s in class.

For those of you that are wondering how serious these classes are…check out the supply list we had to buy.
Art Supplies

Defintatly going to see some frame worthy artwork!! Jennah’s “Making life Memorable”