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Outings around Kuwait

Outings around Kuwait

Spending a long hot summer in Kuwait is a challenge when you want to make sure your kids are entertained…. As much as you are creative in the home they really do need a change of scenery before driving you crazy.

The next challenge is the budget….there’s always the battle of doing things free vs. paying and also things that are meaningful.

So in this list you’re going to find Free options, cost effective & frugal suggestions and off course those that add up to a “budget”

1. Discovery Mall Play Area
2. Go out for lunch (My girls choices are wither Chillis or Red Lobster and for a pricier choice Sushi at Genki in Alrayya)
3. Go to Fantasy world or Toys R Us for fun (No purchase necessary)
4. Go to Ikea and let the kids play for free in their play area
5. Go out for Breakfast or Brunch (our personal favorites are Cocoa Room or Bredz)
6. Baroue Play area
7. Kidzania
8. Color Me Mine
9. Go have dessert
10. Go to Al-Othman Museum
11. Go to the movies.
12. Magic Planet
13. Go to 100 fils store and give your child KD 1.000 (that adds up to 10 items of their choice)
14. Go out for Ice Cream (our choices are either Marble Slab in Jabriya or Scoop a cone in Dasma)
15. Go to Q8 Bookstore for a fun reading experience. (located in Bayt lothan Instagram @Q8bookstore)
16. Go grocery shopping… Make it fun by letting the kids push the cart, read the list and collect the items.
17. Go to Fun Quest (upstairs in Sultan Center Hawalli)
18. Go Bowling
19. Go play mini Golf (Discovery Mall)
20. Get a Day pass at one of the “clubs” (cornice, Palms….etc)
21. Go to the scientific center
22. Go on a fashion trying outfits (no purchase necessary)
23. Attend one of the workshops at Art Space Café (Instagram @ARTSPACEQ8)
24. Go to Jareer Bookstore
25. Go Ice Skating
26. Go to friend’s house
27. Go to KDD factory
28. Go to a photographer and have a photo shoot
29. Go to Tariq Rajab Museum
30. Go to Early Learning Center
31. Go to the Avenues and do some window shopping
32. Go to Kuwait Towers
33. Go to Aqua Park or Messila water Park
34. Go to the Salon and get Mani, Pedi, Haircut….etc
35. Go to the Fish Market
36. Take the Ferry to Failaka Island
37. Go to Infunity
38. Go to National Museum
39. Go to a department store and smell perfumes for fun
40. Go to Kuwait National Library
41. If the Weather permits some real “outdoor” Suggestions are
42. Shaab Entertainment Park
43. Entertainment City
44. Area parks
45. Duck Pond park in Al-Shaab
46. Have a picnic
47. Outside play area at the Marina Crescent
48. Go rock climbing in Marina Waves
49. Outside play area at Souq Sharq
50. Go for a walk on the beach
51. Go to Shuwaikh Beach

Hope you found this list helpful and assisted in Making Life Memorable

Quick Playdate

Quick Playdate

Sometimes your playdates happen without any pre-planning. Especially when your kids are as social and independent as my girls are. The summers are long and it seems the older they are the longer they seem. I have kept them busy with my own activities but they need some space and free will. As the summer is reaching an end and all the girls’ friends are coming back from their travels its time for 8am calls “are your kids free?” If you received such a call and need a quick menu for lunch Here’s what I made when 2 friends came over. Simple, quick and no fuss!

Lunch Menu:
Cucumber, Carrots and cherry tomato platter.
Vegetable Soup
Corn on the Cob
Baked Breaded Chicken drumsticks.

Viola! You’re all set.

Now you can sit back and relax and have fun with the kids. Highlight one major activity and let them have tons of free play. Our activity for the day was spreading a large sheet of poster paper and just letting them paint, paint and paint…..