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Back in Time

Back in Time

I think there’s a moment in every mom’s life that she sees a video (or picture) of her child and realizes “Holy Moly” they’ve grown so much. Was I awake for all of it??

Obviously that’s what happened to me when I was looking for a specific picture on my external hard drive…. I just replayed, replayed and replayed it over and over again.

It was going down memory lane and realizing all those cliches about our children growing. Don’t take me wrong I love every age and I’m more than happy not to have to go through potty training but I wish I was a little bit more relaxed about all the details so that I can actually enjoy my girls more.




Making life Memorable no matter what stage of your life you’re in.

Snow to Sun

Snow to Sun

Weather in every Country is super unique and it creates a new appreciation to nature. I’ve never lived anywhere that snowed….let alone continuously cold for long periods of time. I’m now living in Canada that is teaching a new appreciation to both Snow and Sun.


It almost sounds unreal when I say I came from +50 C to -40 C…. hard to really wrap your head around it. As one of my friends said (and I repeat continuously) ¬†“There’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”. I find now with a good coat and boots I can last about 5 minutes outdoors….LOL!!! I actually made myself laugh as I wrote that……





Again its what you make out of it…. snow angels snow men and all





And then when it all melts you have a gorgeous clear sky…..



Your kids get super excited and run up a brown hill that will soon be green…..




………and scream AAAAAALLLL the way down.




It’s all about taking those lemons life gave you and making Lemonade… So Making Life ¬†Memorable is in the palm of your hands!!