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Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling and Vocabulary

Ok it’s official Jennah is in Grade 3 and I’m starting to have heart palpitations… We are no longer coloring and working on chapter books. This is some serious stuff here!!!

Our first week and we’ve got spelling and vocabulary test to study for, and when I say we I really mean WE!!

I’ve been doing a ton of research on how to teach vocabulary words….between spelling city, teaching websites and other spelling apps on the ipad I have come to a few realizations and conclusions that I would like to share.

Please bare in mind I am not an educator or a scholar. I am just a regular mom wanting to make the learning experience for my child as pleasant and painless as possible (For the both of us!).

What I am about to write is my opinion and my take on learning/teaching. It may help you find new methods, re-enforce what you already know or just be irrelevant to you.

In my little world I’ve found it helpful and hope that you do too!

wordstudyRR_mastheadA very interesting article I came across was about “Word Study”

This article talks about how to teach children to identify which letters are in a word using certain rules.

The technique is basically moving away from just memorizing how a word is spelled but rather developing the skill and knowledge of figuring out how its spelled.

I was actually intrigued by the whole concept and made a note on doing more research about “Word Study”

This website also has an online newsletter that you can subscribe too which I was oh so eager to sign up for!

Of course there is more to this website and definitely worth the browse.
K5logoThe next website is K5 Learning This site covers learning from kindergarden to Grade 5, so it has everything you need for the elementary level.

It covers areas of both Math, language (reading/Spelling…etc) & study skills. A more comprehensive site that’s interactive with videos of what tools they provide.

I was even more impressed after watching their “Parent Video” explaining what K5 Learning and the tools they provide.

My favorite is that your child is actually assessed by the website to know what level they’re at and selects the best program for them.

This however is a paid website and if you’re like me I only like FREEEEEE stuff. It’s still worth the money though and has a 14 day trail with no obligation to subscribe.

These were the most prominent 2 research sites for the day. There is so much more out there that I had to stop myself before getting more overwhelmed than I already am.

So with everything you do for your child in Making Life Memorable put a little more effort in making studying memorable for them too!!