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Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea

Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea
Mother’s Day Gift from David’s Tea

Sometimes it’s about appreciating yourself….

I find so many time I’m just busy thinking of everyone around me and I forget that I have to treat myself too.

While we were at Southgate Center I realized hey what’s more special than buying a few treats for myself and call it my own Mother’s day gift for Myself.


 I indulged…….


I splurged……


I stocked up

on a few teas and a little bit more from what is now my favorite tea store…..  DAVIDs Tea

I just can’t believe it took me that long to actually go in and buy some things from there. I think it was probably avoiding the inevitable of spending more than I need to but its ALL very much worth it!


I couldn’t wait to come home and make me a cup of tea.

Making Life Memorable one sip at a time!!!

Brunch At Moxie’s

Brunch At Moxie’s
Brunch At Moxie’s

Every Weekend there’s always a dilemma in our house as to where to go out for breakfast. Coming from Kuwait where it’s basically Restaurant-Mania I find it extremely challenging  in Edmonton. Maybe because not everything is centered around eating as it was back home??? Or possibly I’m not in the IN CROWD never the less we still have to research convenient and nice breakfast places.

So by pure luck and coincidence we found out that Moxie’s has one greaaaat breakfast. My personal favorite was the Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bagel.

AAAAAAAnd better yet they are having a Mother’s Day Brunch!!! 


Visit Moxie’s website to find the closest Moxie’s to you….

Making Life Memorable for Mom!

Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!

Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!
Mom’s Night Out….. Make it a Paint Night!

Every mom deserves a night in the week to do just something that takes her mind off of the schedules, organizing and parenting she has to structure every week.

Well with Mother’s day there’s so much but you can always do something a little extra the day after tooo!!! Because after all Every day should b Mother’s Day!!!

Head over to one of my favorite spots. “Good Earth Cafe” and get painting with the guidance of Floral Blueprint.

You can book your ticket by clicking the image below….

Paint Night at Good Earth Cafe Summerside

Making Life Memorable with every brush stroke……

Celebrate Mother’s Day at West Edmonton Mall

Celebrate Mother’s Day at West Edmonton Mall

Do you have plans this Mother’s Day?? Whether you want to celebrate and treat your mom or you need a break from being a mom Head on to West Edmonton Mall for their fabulous Mother’s Day Event.


Mother’s Day Garden Party

Head to  Level One  in front of Victoria’s Secret! What you’ll be able to experience includes (but not limited to)

  • Rain Salon and Spa Pampering
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Product Demos
  • Hudson’s Bay Mini Makeover
  • Gap Giveaways
  • Fleurs Flowers Giveaways
  • DAVIDsTEA Tea Samples

Saving the best for last….drum Roll……..

The first 150 moms will get a swag bag filled with goodies from Hillberg & Berk, Cookies by George and more.

I’m loving all these things that every mom deserves to get.

Making life Memorable at West Edmonton Mall on Mother’s Day!


Tribute to Moms

Tribute to Moms


Everyone has a special place in their heart for their mother. Sure let’s admit it there’s always times we don’t seem to see eye-to-eye but we grow up and realize “Mother knows best”!

I really find myself understanding my mother a lot more now that I have children of my own. I find myself saying things and realizing I sound exactly like her and try to resist laughing when I see the reaction on my daughter’s face knowing EXACTLY what is going through her head ready to tell her “been there done that”

But at the end of the day we love them with all our hearts and know that we need to cherish them.

There’s no better way to celebrate our Moms with actually giving them a National Holiday called Mother’s Day…. Now being from the Middle east we celebrate Mother’s day on March 20. Now that I’m in North America this year I’ll be wishing my mom a Happy Mother’s day on May 14th from across the Atlantic…. A lot further than i’d like but that’s life, we have to make the best of it no matter where we are.

So Starting today until the day I’ll be posting Mother’s Day Theme posts. From little snippets for all those in Edmonton, Alberta on things around town as inspiration of what they can do for their mom’s or for themselves!!!

Making Life Memorable for all moms and daughters.

Back in Time….Part II

Back in Time….Part II

As with every second child there’s always a guilt factor of giving more attention to the first….. I think we all end up trying to overcompensate….Fact of the matter is no matter how we justify it the first will always have firsts and seconds will always have it second.

The love for them is the same but…. somehow different. In my head it sounded to make sense. I’m probably saying what many mommies wither completely disagree with or think it but won’t admit it.

Don’t take me wrong, second child is the one that has more will to get what they want. They have a personality that is the go getter (at least mine is!) They have Pizzazz and spunk.. REAL spunk. They are not afraid to say what’s exactly on their mind.

So because I have the mom guilt of highlighting Jennah in my “Back in time”  post and I must be fair here’s Zeenah’s Then and now!



Making Life Memorable equally!



Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo

I believe I may have been Hispanic in my past life and funny enough there were many times when I was in college (in Austin, Texas) that so many people would speak to me in Spanish assuming I was. I probably disappointed them when I’d reply in Arabic just for kicks!

Looking back at the 4 years when I was there I really should have lived up “Cinco De Mayo” a lot more. Off course I find myself looking back at MANY situations now and thinking “If only I knew then what I know now” The good thing is as we grow we realize the importance of the little things and try to make up for it all.

So because the weekend is always crammed with all sorts of things and weather is unpredictable we decided to seize the day and have a Barbecue a little earlier….

Soon on the blog will be the recipe for the Maple Pecan Chocolate Balls

Making Life Memorable with every meal!


Go with the flow…..

Go with the flow…..
Go with the flow…..

I find that there’s a similarity between living in Kuwait and Canada…..Sounds totally out of wack I know but it involves the weather.

There were many times when I would have the perfect plan of how I would like to spend my day….Ha ha ha! Jokes on me, you can’t always plan especially when there are so many external forces working in another direction.

So many times when we were in Kuwait I would have the best outdoor plan to take the girls and we wake up on the day and it’s just way to dusty to go out let alone spend the day outdoors.

Well much to my surprise we have cancelled several “outdoor” plans in Canada because of too much snow!!! When we thought it had all cleared up we wake up to a few inches of snow and spend it at the mall or movies instead.

So when I planned the girls’ Easter weekend to go to an Easter event at Prairie Gardens and realize its not happening when read online:

* Hop! Into Spring Festival – Cancelled *
Due to the extremely wet, snowy and muddy conditions – we’re sorry to announce that we’re cancelling the Hop! Into Spring Festival this weekend (April 29 & 30). Apologies for any inconvenience.

We just had to change the plan and just do something in the warmth of the indoors….West Edmonton Mall it was!!!

Stay tuned to see our visit to Prairie Gardens!

Making Like Memorable no matter what challenges we face!!



There’s an obsession I have with Pinterest I think I’ve got over 8K pins on mt 120 boards and increasing daily! I’m infatuated yet I can’t say I have actually done most of them.

Granted I do draw many inspirations from them and I would like to commit to starting crossing the ones I’ve done out. Just for self satisfaction. I don’t think the pin gods are looking down at me and shaking their head at all the “unmade” pins I have.

Since I’m a roll on making changes to my life I have decided that I will “Pin Post”. Not sure if that’s even a word but if it does start a trend then at least I started it…..

So Pin Post is my version of choosing something on pinterest, making it, documenting it as best as I can and posting about it…..whether it was fun, successful, enjoyable and the similarity of what I made in comparison to the actual pin.

I may even try to do a poll out of it…or some sort of voting on what I should try next…..

Making Life Memorable pinning…..

Dental Experiences

Dental Experiences

I have the pleasure of being extremely experienced dental patient. I’ve thankfully become very immune to fear of dentists very early on in my life. With basically a full mouth of worked on teeth from basic fillings, crowns, root canals, veneers and implants I’ve had them all…..

With starting a new chapter of my life and moving to Canada one of the first things I had to find (after a Salon to do my roots off course!!) was a dentist…..

That’s when I conveniently met Dr. Amr at the Snowflake festival while he was volunteering. He was super friendly and I instantly felt comfortable. I could only imagine what he would be like as my dentist.

Next step was actually to make an appointment….That took a while but I finally got around to it and went into his clinic.

It was meticulous, clean and amazingly welcoming with a little coffee/tea corner and little surgery booties so you didn’t have to take your shoes off.

 I got to sit in the most comfortable dentist chair with a massager & heater…..talk about total relaxation, as the Dr. was working on my teeth I was cracking up while watching “Friends”.

They really go the extra mile at Nebula Dental Clinic to make your experience the best ever.

Making Life Memorable with healthy teeth…….

For More information