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Cafe Bazza

Cafe Bazza

It’s such a beautiful sunny morning in Kuwait that you can actually walk to your car without feeling scorched today.

A great day like this is a great excuse for a day out for breakfast… As soon as I drop of the girls to school I call my husband and we make a date out of it before we both heads out to work.

Our latest addiction is CafĂ© Bazza in Bneid Al-Gar. Close to home & my work that it’s not going to make me late.
A taste of traditional Kuwaiti food in a historical time warp. With the seating like an old “Gahwa” (traditional old coffee shop) with the modern TV playing old Kuwaiti shows and plays on silent while the radio plays old songs that bring butterflies to your stomach remembering the past.

For those that didn’t live that era it’s equally intriguing to see and hear things from a past you haven’t experienced.

A vast selection on the menu our choice was difficult to make.

My choice was the exquisite “Cheesy Omelet” a delicious combination of eggs, Spinach and Kraft cream cheese (Jibin glassat)

OHHH the rich creamy taste of processed cheese I must say was sublime with the healthy twist of spinach was hard to beat!

My husband was craving the “Qima” a traditional minced meat stir fry (7amsa) with green peas, onion, tomato and what I assume is Indian spices. All on a brick oven bread made like a pizza.
Off course all this wouldn’t be complete without Hummus for dipping.

All this accompanied by traditional Tea with milk in a little pot for one.

We truly had a “big feast” of a breakfast as Jennah would say.

So the next time you’re wondering where to go out for breakfast as early as 7am I would highly recommend that Cafe Bazza be your choice.

The amazing thing is that if the Bneid Al-Gar location is not close enough to you they have several other locations like Salmiya, Avenues, Abu Halifa and A2Z.

Off course you are not limited to breakfast their menu has a variety of lunch/Dinner & Dessert. We do intend to take the girls one day for a full blown meal.

Here’s to Making Life Memorable one meal at a time!

Guide to your Thanksgiving

Guide to your Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble Kuwait!!! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. How’s your day going so far??

Many of you may be surprised that I don’t host or have Thanksgiving events…. Shocker isn’t it!?!? Well between Halloween events, my birthday & Jennah’s birthday all within a span of less than 2 weeks I call it a day or should I say “Month”, for November off course! Plus I must have a head start for my Christmas events.

With that said I love attending Thanksgiving events. Gives me a chance to be a guest rather than the hostess and THAT’S something to be VERY Thankful for:)

With That said I do want to give those planning their dinner tonight with something I received from allrecipes to make your day go a little smoother.


Always remember its all about “Making Life Memorable” and don’t forget to give thanks and tell those you love that you are Thankful for having them in your life.