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Annual Holiday Bazaar

Annual Holiday Bazaar

bazaarFor the past 10+ years I’ve been participating in the biggest Holiday Bazaar in Kuwait.

Organized by K-Events with a multitude of vendors and a huge range of products.

If you are a business owner it’s surely something worth while participating in.The SECOND vendor sign up will be held on MONDAY, October 21st at the Applebee’s in Mishrif. Signup will be from 7pm to 9pm. Tables are available on a first come first serve basis….

If you are a shopper then be sure to mark your calendars and visit the bazaar. December 6th, 2013 at the Salwa Sabah Hall in Salmiya.

I’ll be posting more details closer to the date!

Owning a Small Businesses in Kuwait

Owning a Small Businesses in Kuwait

I vowed to myself that when I blog I will never, never, ever write anything negative or turn it into a rants and raving blog about Kuwait.

We all Love the country with all its good and bad. We are here and we all need to adjust and make the best of it.

In general, in my little la la fantasy world of a life all is well and smooth….. it’s once you venture out that you think HUH!!!! Seriously?! The best way to deal is put on a happy face and move one.

I started my Gift Basket Business called Bassinet back in 2005 when small businesses were very rare. The first official all inclusive gift store. Then I ventured out and bought The original Basket Boutique, a Canadian franchise that brought much added value to my business.

We had our ups our downs, trials and tribulations, but it’s been a journey. From a start-up small shop in Hawalli, a move 8 months to Salmiya and now getting ready to open our new doors in Kipco Tower. Many events, bazaars and exhibitions here and there… An online ordering website and a warehouse later I am still learning about the rules and regulations.

Unfortunately Kuwait is still “young” in dealing with SME’s. As there are so many new business owners it still isn’t that equipped. Over and above that there are no real guidelines that stick. What’s a law today might change in less than a month.

So my positive initiative today is this. Do you own a small business, would you like to share your story?? I would like to assist everyone that’s in my shoes and start an initiative, a forum a club or whatever. With each other success we all succeed.

e-mail me on samarhajjaj@gmail.com and lets join forces. “Making Life memorable” is also changing the system to the better.

Anyone out there with me?