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Where are we from???

Where are we from???

The million dollar question of “where are you from?” may be easy to answer for some and challenging for others.

In the Global world we live in today we all have so many cultures, races, countries and beliefs that it would be hard to box us into one.

Take me for example……I don’t consider myself to be from one place. I am a culture on my own….but that’s a whole other post that i’ll save for later!!!

This specific post I dedicate to Nancy NG.

I had the pleasure of meeting her while at Indigo as she was promoting her book. We spoke about the challenge of being from so many different places and I can’t wait to start reading her book. 

I mean with a title like “No, Really, Where are YOU from?” I totally get it!

So here’s Making Life Memorable no matter where you’re from.


For the love of Reading

For the love of Reading

There’s nothing warmer than curling up in a corner and enjoying a good book. A time when your head is cleared and you’re entering a world of your own.

I try really hard to make sure that the girls enjoy reading, that when they think things are getting a little “boring” the choice of activity is to reach out for a book and enter the world of imagination.

So when I hear of an exciting new venture that involves books I jump to the occasion!! And what do I find but a place that I would love to take my kids to every weekend.

Granted it’s no Barnes and Nobles or Chapters but more like the “shop around the corner”

A used bookstore run by young volunteers with wall to wall shelving and little reading areas to engross yourself in.

Jennah was in book heaven!!!


Jennah immediately propped herself on the floor and started making choices.

Between fairytales, mystery & non-ficton it was getting to be difficult to choose the 3 books allowance rule made by me. (yes yes I run a tight ship of rules!)
Book after book, in and out of the shelves….reading a few lines here and there…

Jennah finally made her choice that I approved of.

I couldn’t be happier!
We Love Kuwait books are always a hit in our household!!


The best part is you can buy the books for a fraction of their price and if you return them you get half your money back. Almost like a public library. Saves you so much space at home and it really gives children more selection to improve their reading.

So hats of to Bayt Lothan and double hats off to all the volunteers and a triple to all the patrons that support this effort.

Be sure to go to q8bookstore in Bayt lothan. Enjoy your relaxing time, choose a book prop onto the coach and “Make your Life Memorable”

Their hours are 5-9:30pm on weekdays
10am-9pm on weekends

For more information look the bookstore up on Instagram @q8bookstore