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Gift box heaven

Gift box heaven

I’m not a big fan of going to the mall when on vacation (especially if I don’t intend to shop)

Yet I found myself in City Center Mall in Bahrain walking around with the girls after going to the movies and then in the corner of my eye I saw something that I absolutely fell in love with.


A store called the YellowMoon Gift  company.

Such a lovely little store with every size box imaginable.

Rows and rows of ribbons and wrapping paper.

They also had a selection of gift bags, shred and sachets of different colors & sizes.

I loved the smell of ribbon and gift Wrapping paper.


I think if I would let myself go I would buy everything in sight!

Of all the things I thought I’d see this defiantly was Making Life Memorable for me!

In the eye of a child….

In the eye of a child….

As we grow older we forget the small pleasures in our life. I am blessed to have 2 girls that remind me often of those things with their attitude and giddiness.

Like the excitement of packing for a trip rather than the stress of it all.

The plane ride to our destination as part of our fun than hours wasted on a flight.

Didn’t think a Taxi ride would be exciting but they found it intreguing.

The 6 flights in the elevator to reach our room.

Over and above that the fun of jumping up and down  on the hotel bed.

Off course there’s always the long bath and bathrobe pleasure!


So today I stopped, took a deep breath and starting looking at things in the eye of my girls.

Sometimes they teach us lessons and remind us of savoring every moment because today they taught me another meaning of Making Life Memorable.