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Fawaz’s Funky Friday

Fawaz’s Funky Friday

I realized oh too quickly that there are a lot of involved father’s that don’t get much credit in the blog world by the overpowering “mom blogs” out there.

So I decided to have a special blog post every Friday that’s a little bit more “male” dominated.

The best to be featured is off course my other half Fawaz.

So here’s the deal, “Fawaz’s Funky Friday” will highlight his interests, his tips, possibly a picture here and there if I can get him to pose off course!

Let me tell you a little about Fawaz….. simply put he’s the TOTAL opposite of me! I’m camera happy while he’s camera shy. I’m totally out there while he’s very reserved. I’m a busy bee while he’s calm and collected. Yet we meet halfway somehow. It works!

His tip this Friday is find your hobby.

With the hustle and bustle of work and school drop offs pick-ups and mega activities. It’s important for any man to have a zone out time, that’s where you pull out the “hobby card”.

Some men chose to have a “man Cave” a place to runaway to and read a book watch sports games or just meditate in the dark.



Fawaz’s Friday getaway in the summer is non other than Scuba diving. A dive to the deep blue sea and the sound of the regulator bubbles gives him his serenity.

While the weather starts to get cooler we’ll also share other hobbies that are weather appropriate.

So have a happy Friday all you Daddy’s out there and hope you’re “Making Life Memorable” with your Zone out time.