Sun = Sunglasses

Sun = Sunglasses
Sun = Sunglasses

There’s always something uplifting about having a Sunny Day.

You just have to smile. 

No sunny day should ever be spent frowning, that’s heresy!!!

Sunny Days with Treetribestyle

I have a big thing about sunglasses….it’s always a challenge to find the perfect stylish sun-glass that fits my ity bity face!!

Well I actually found something that I am proud of, I am contributing to the environment AND getting a super cool pair of sunglasses that really is so amazing you go passed the fact they might be too big on me because it looks like I’m doing it on purpose…Which off course I AM!

The brand is Tree Tribe

I mean with a name like that obviously it’s super cool…..

Tree Tribe Style sunglasses

So why are they cool?? Here’s a quick run-down….

Δ Tree Tribe is a Natural Lifestyle brand 

Δ 10 trees are planted for every pair of sunglasses sold (ENVIRONMENT CONSCIOUS!!)  

Δ 400 UV Polarized lenses 

Δ Real wood or Bamboo frames

Δ Float in Water

Now you can admit it

coolest sunglasses from tree tribe

I’m sure by now you want to check out my awesome and stylish pair that I bought on Amazon…..

Off course I chose Pink Mirror Lens

Pink Mirror Lens bamboo sunglasses

Making Life Memorable in style!

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