Summer Reading

Summer Reading
Summer Reading

I absolutely LOVE Free stuff to do in the summer!! It just makes me feel so wise to not spend money yet making sure my children are having the time of their lives!!! 

One of the most important things to make sure the girls are on track is Summer reading. I’m very lucky that Jennah is an avid reader (I can’t keep up with her) and Zeenah is now a confident reader that I’ve upgraded her to early chapter books.

Some may have read My Rules for the Summer holiday where the girls have to read at least 30 minutes well the “or more” was the girls add on when they saw the list…. I LOVED their input.

Moving to Canada has made my book selection so much easier that we can just check out as many books as we want from the Edmonton Public Library. I no longer have to order heaps of books from Amazon and wait so long for them to arrive. Plus I don’t have to have a huge space to store them. SO YAY for saving MONEY and SPACE!!

A few days after school was out I took the girls (as per a friends recommendation) to the Library where I signed up the girls for the “Summer starts at epl!”


Each child was given a little booklet to encourage them to read. The first mage as 6 clocks and each child get to color in the minutes they’ve read to keep track.

The second page has a list of activities that the children can do such as “do 10 jumping jacks”, “Make a craft”, “invent a game” and my personal favorite “Have a screen free day” 

The Prize

Incentives for completing each booklet allows each child to enter their name into a draw. Prizes range from a mini iPad to books & gift cards.

Book Recommendation by Age


Making Life Memorable One Book at a time.

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