Sleep Deprived

Sleep Deprived

Today I feel like I’m a walking zombie….. I’m walking around looking like I’m composed and functional yet I’m nothing close to that!

I’m actually surprised that I’m sitting up right looking at the screen and typing…. mind you I’m misspelling every other word (I actually wrote order instead of word, that’s how bad!) Thank God for spell check and that squiggly red line!

I decided to actually Google “Remedies for Sleep Deprivation” and the first on the list was WebMD….ahhh yes the site that make you believe you have a tumor or fatal disease because you complain of a simple head ache… I went to read what it had to say anyway!!!

I start the first few paragraphs and say “Ok….tell me something I don’t know!” and then I get totally insulted when the article starts talking about age!! I mean seriously it’s getting personal here! SO I then decide I need to find another site to get educated…

Most of the sites I read all spoke about ways to avoid sleep deprivation…. I know why I’m sleep deprived “I SLEPT LATE!!” and I need to fix it now so I can function normally….Remedy = Cure why isn’t Google not giving me the cure?? I don’t need preventative measures….

Did I put to many “….” in that last paragraph?? Well I’m probably not going to proof read any way I’m too tired for perfection today:) still misspelling every other word by the way.

GREAT now this other site is starting to talk about how sleep deprivation can cause depression!! This is not looking good, obviously I’m depressed I want to curl into bed and sleep but don’t have that luxury.

Page after page of somewhat useless information at this point I’m feeling like I’m just wasting my time without getting anywhere. Yet I move onto the next website in the hopes that it will have something to wake me up!

That’s IT I’m calling it a post! I’m just going to engross myself with a ton of work, ignore the fact that I feel like I’m jetlagged and hit by a bus at the same time and have a big cup of coffee to give me some false energy.

Turns out I am human after all people!

Here’s to hoping that I get to bed earlier today so that tomorrow I can start Making Life Memorable with all my screws on tight!

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