Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2017
Ramadan 2017

The most difficult part of being away from Family is when you have to start a new tradition of your own….

A New place…

A New life….

A New beginning…… 

This Ramadan is another “NEW” and will be very different for me…..


No Twice a week Futoor at my Mom’s, no hanging out to the wee hours with my sister M playing cards and eating “Hab” (seeds). No conversations about Ramadan soap operas that are so emotionally exhausting and I think most importantly no “Athan” to remind me of prayer time and the “Maghreb” sound of the “Midfaa”. NO planning our annual Gurgeyan  (Trick-or-Treat) for the kids at my sister S‘s house.

Making Life Memorable by making new traditions.

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