Public Speaking

Public Speaking

I am a very public person. In behavior and in action. I have no fear of getting up on stage…. Actually I should rephrase that, I thrive when I am up on stage.

You would think it was genetic but sadly it isn’t.

Today Jennah sat waiting to get up on stage with the rest if her class mates for morning meeting….

You can tell she’s putting up a front with her fake smile.

I encourage, smile back and tell her she’ll be fabulous.

Drumroll and it’s her turn. All she had tondo with her group was “sign” Good Morning.

She’s totally distracted, looks at her group and completely jumbles all the actions. She knows this!!!

All I could think was look at the audience!! Forget about the rest….

Then I calm myself down and tell myself she’s only 7, she’ll grow out of… It will come.

Then I remind myself “Don’t be a stage mom” ewwwwwwweeee.

I’m off to research how to build my child’s self confidence.

Here’s hoping I’ll keep Making Life Memorable without any terror.

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