Organizing day…..or not so much?

Organizing day…..or not so much?

7:00am Had my green smoothie and ready to tackle my day head on…… It’s organization day! It’s about going to school… So next on my list is “study space” and “clothing”.

7:45am I better get off the dining table put the iPad down and start….. Ok Before Picture of Jennah’s desk Check!

I think I’ll go shower now….. from the bedroom I shout out ” Jennah do your word wizard and reading, Zeenah clean up the mess!”
8:30am still hiding in my room after showering…. WHAT is wrong with me today?? Ok I’ll look at the old uniforms and see what fits Jennah, what’s to keep for Zeenah what to giveaway. Done! Everything goes to laundry. While I’m at it I might as well go through some of the closets and organize them too…. Happy to see that Zeenah has outgrown some of her clothes. More to giveaway and make space for new things.

10:00am Gotta get some work done today so I got on my laptop, check e-mails and make all my work calls. While the girls come in and out of my office…. delaying my every action. Nothing seems to be going according to plan.

1pm….. oops! gotta get started on lunch. What’s on the menu today? hmmmmmm after about 10 minutes of staring at the open fridge I decide Salad, Curried pumpkin soup, French Bean & Mushroom Medley, Rice with vermicelli. That should do it.

What happened to my organization plan? Can you believe it people!! The organizer/control freak is slacking off? How am I going to do this before our 3pm Swim playdate…. Conclusion I’m not!! Maybe after the girls go to bed?? Yes off course!! That would be perfect. Peace and quiet and I can take my time without little people stressing me out.

So lesson for today sometimes you get a day that you’re not on schedule…..don’t stress over it, just work with what you can. That’s why it’s always good to start early so you still have time to do it another day.

Phew!! I feel better now…..So stay tuned to see what Jennah’s organized desk looks like….

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