Book Quote #1

Book Quote #1

I’ve decided to do a a series of posts from either books I’ve read, am currently ready or some that inspire me…

This one is from Last month’s book cluba light read was chosen because we had to fit in reading during Spring break.

Book: Anne of Green Gables

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery


Quote: “I ought to grow up successfully, and I’m sure it will be my own fault if I don’t. I feel it’s a great responsibility because I have only the one chance. If I don’t grow up right I can’t go back and begin over again.”


I actually read this part at least 4 times over and over because I could so relate to it!!! I may even teared thinking about it.

Things may not have developed the way I expected my life to be at this point. Never-the-less I shall make it the best life I can not just for myself but for my girls too.

Making life Memorable¬†because you really only have one chance….No do-overs.

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