It’s a wiggly Tooth!!!

It’s a wiggly Tooth!!!

After the regular chaos of  my mornings has come to a calm and the girls are sitting and having their morning fruit snack, Plums were today’s choice, I finally got a chance to sit and do MY morning rituals of e-mails, Social media session, planning and organizing. Jennah, 6years and 9months, comes with a scared look on her face and says “Mama my tooth hurts”….. I looked and smiled and asked which one. She pointed to the bottom and I started my wiggle testing. Come to think of it I didn’t wash my hands before sticking my finger in her mouth…..OOPS! Sure enough I found it. I looked at her and said “Guess What!! your tooth’s wiggling” Something she’s been desperately wanting for the past year. And as a true descendant of mine she starts doing the “Victory Dance”.

And now the fun begins…..the Tooth Fairy is visiting our house for the first time. Lots to think about and so many ideas are rushing through my mind….First stop for sure to get some creative juices going though my mind. Next I’ll have to figure out am I doing money or a gift? Then off course I must incorporate glitter…. I love glitter and that is Fairy dust after all…..

My inspiration board and a few weeks to implement… Stay tuned for the DIY….

Tooth fairyinspiration board

Now that’s sure gonna Make Life Memorable!

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