Fish Market

Fish Market

One of the things I remember doing with my father (May he rest in Peace) other than actually fishing is going to the fish market.

The stink the wet floors and seafood galore….It was a mix of stinky and fun all put together. Quality time that I truly cherished. Only now does it hold great value in my heart…..didn’t realize it at the time.

The nice thing is that these days it’s been upgraded. The Fish Market next to Souq Sharq is somewhat cleaner than the one I remember going too. So it was time to pass on the tradition to the girls and take them to the Fish Market.

I let them wear their rain boots for fun to make sure there were not complaints about dirtier their shoes. All the people there were extra friendly, I’m pretty sure they love seeing kids there and showing of their fish knowledge to the little ones.

Fish Market

Off course there’s always that one guy that lets them touch all sorts of things on the counter…. The girls chose to pose holding the jumbo shrimps and so shine their personalities:)

They may not realize it now but this day really helped in transferring my experience with my dad into Making Life Memorable for them.

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