First Day of School

First Day of School

Are your kids already in School??

Well I’m so lucky to announce that today is officially the first day of school for my girls.

Jennah is going to Grade 3 and Zeenah to KG1.

What a milestone in my household to finally have both girls go to the same school where drop off and pick up is at the same place & same time!!!

There are many traditions that we have, most of which happen yearly. (Thank God or else I imagine I would run out of ideas)

One of those traditions is the first day of school picture. It started off very simple. My child with their back pack, smile, click & done…. Somehow along the way it started to get a little bit more than just that.

I started to make print outs with their Grade and what they want to be…. Well I think this year I probably went a little overboard. Probably because I’m so excited that both of them are in the same school.

I not only put a lot more details on what I called “photo sign” I actually went to our local photocopying office and printed them out on A3 paper….



It’s becoming very clear to me that I’m setting the Barr a little high for my girls that these things become expected rather than being “special”.

But to tell you the truth that really doesn’t matter because I truly enjoy what I do for them.

They know the value of what I do and that’s all I care about. In their eyes I do see the excitement and appreciation. For that I am thankful.

ZEE Sign


So here’s to a great New School Year for all children around the world!

It’s al about Making Life Memorable.

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