Back to School Treats

Back to School Treats

I was determined to make something special for the girl’s first day of school. I wanted to make sure they were super excited about the year ahead. The hardest part was making sure it was something the kids would enjoy and it be a healthy treat.

First I thought maybe it should be a non-edible something….but it didn’t make sense to send a notepad and pencil favor with the amount of supplies we’ve already sent to school and for the younger ones sending crayons home didn’t seem appealing.

So plan B edible…healthy omits cookies, candy and chocolates. I was not about to send apples & bananas, where’s the creativity in that???

Then it dawned on me Popcorn!!! Kids of all ages love popcorn, it’s air popped and healthy. No allergy issues and extremely simple!!!


Next came the labels!! That’s where the creativity kicked in….

I tried to choose something fun on each Label…it read It’s gonna be a “POPin” year with you in my class! and the girls’ names. I made sure that I used different borders for each of the girls so that they were unique to them.

And viola!! Amazing popcorn treats for the girls classmates to kick of the School year with a POP! and all you needed was a bowl of popcorn and a few simple supplies.
Now that’s “Making life memorable”
POP all

Stay tuned for the “Teacher’s Survival Kit”

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