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Back in Time….Part II

Back in Time….Part II

As with every second child there’s always a guilt factor of giving more attention to the first….. I think we all end up trying to overcompensate….Fact of the matter is no matter how we justify it the first will always have firsts and seconds will always have it second.

The love for them is the same but…. somehow different. In my head it sounded to make sense. I’m probably saying what many mommies wither completely disagree with or think it but won’t admit it.

Don’t take me wrong, second child is the one that has more will to get what they want. They have a personality that is the go getter (at least mine is!) They have Pizzazz and spunk.. REAL spunk. They are not afraid to say what’s exactly on their mind.

So because I have the mom guilt of highlighting Jennah in my “Back in time”  post and I must be fair here’s Zeenah’s Then and now!



Making Life Memorable equally!