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Pearson’s Wrong Answer

Pearson’s Wrong Answer

I was reading this post and just kept thinking about how my daughter Jennah is having her MAP testing this week.

How can they mess up answers??? It’s hard enough for us parents making sure our kids are well equipped let alone worrying about some system being faulty.

So to all those parents out there how serious do you prep or take those tests?

I really don’t want to be a teacher I just want to be the parent that does fun stuff with her girls and concentrate on Making Life Memorable….is that too much to ask??

October Fun Part II: Halloween Inspiration

October Fun Part II: Halloween Inspiration

Halloween has to be one of the most creative holidays ever!! There’s so much one can do yet I find myself struggling to find the time.

I love being creative and will use every excuse possible to do something useful. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas give me that fulfillment, if life just didn’t get in the way I would do so much more!

Off course costumes are just the tip of the iceberg. Oh and let’s not forget my obsession with pinterest that has a gazillion inspiration boards.

Do you plan anything special for Halloween??

Well I would like to share a few of my favorite pictures and links for all those “Halloween” and “DIY” enthusiasts.

do you have your COSTUMES picked out yet?? Check out Simply Kierste for some costume inspiration.


What about a special homemade TREAT like Popcorn Balls?? This is a recipe that I’ve been wanting to try for the longest time.




One of the many traditions we have at our house is the carving of the pumpkin. Off course Zeenah looooooves getting her hands dirty taking all the seeds and gutting the Pumpkin.

We tend to do traditional Jack-O-Lantern because it’s just that much easier with 2 kids but I always wanted to venture out and trying something new.

I would love to be able to paint a set of pumpkins or doing glitter designs.

Unfortunately with the lack of Pumpkin Patches in Kuwait and the obscene prices of a traditional pumpkin I’ve resorted to just admiring all the designs online.

Of course I could always venture out into making Paper Mache pumpkins and then doing whatever design but I’m almost afraid to get something like that started and end up with too many pumpkins and no place to store them!

I hope that these few ideas and links helps you get inspired and assists in Making Life Memorable for you and your kids.



Being a mother doesn’t come with a guide or a manual of how too. Probably because no 2 children are the same. Any book out there that preaches this or that method as a “matter od Fact” I believe is a SCAM and

At the end of the day one just has to focus on good upbringing and do what’s convenient for you and your family’s sanity.

I know this first hand. I have two daughter and they are by far almost the complete opposite of each other. Sure they have a few similarities but as for their temperaments they are entirely different.

So if you are in need of a good night’s sleep and your child keeps stomping into the bedroom don’t stress yourself out, let them have a one nighter with you in the bed, they’ll eventually grow out of it. Ever heard of a 15 year old sleeping in their parent’s bed???

Or this whole peeing “accidents” I know it’s a pain and a real drag but your child will do it when they’re ready, don’t beat yourself up about it. Yet again I’ll say “Eventually” they’ll grow out of it.

The things I would say one has to put their foot down is number 1 Safety and secondly manners. These thing you do have to stress about because the earlier you instill those values in your child the more of a guarantee they’ll grow up to be descent human beings.

So yes I may not exactly practice what I preach because I do stress out about the littlest of things….but I thought maybe sharing this with the world will give others comfort that no one Mommy REALLY has the answers, because what works for one parent or childe for that matter won’t work for another.

So as that book says “Don’t stress the small stuff” just get on with Making Life Memorable and things will fall into place!


Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

Shocking Revelation on Why You Quit Exercise!

I have been struggling the past 6 months or years with weight loss and going back to my previous size.

Trust me it’s not having children because I have proof I look awesome after having my second child with my shirt tucked in too.

I think I have gave yoyoing dieting and body resizing a new image.

So inevitably I go online to find a solution.

This post was a good read and I really hope that I can go back and do something about getting back to my old self.

So here’s to getting back in shape to all mommies out there that have been busy Making Life Memorable that have forgotten to take care of themselves!

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

No matter how fun, relaxing or enjoyable ant vacation is its always good to be home. 

After making very many memorable moments this past few days with my girls and mom I’m happy to say “I’m glad to be home”


Special Thank you to my thoughtful husband that was waiting for us with a rose each.

Making Life Memorable with small gestures of thoughtfulness goes a long way!

How American parenting is killing the American marriage

How American parenting is killing the American marriage
How American parenting is killing the American marriage

Some parts of this article made me chuckle because we all think certain thoughts about our children or how we have towards our spouse regarding parenthood.

A truth that probably many don’t actually admit.

It’s amazing how this is universal around the world and not just in America.

So grab your favorite drink and enjoy this light read that I had to share.

So my advice is Making Life Memorable isn’t just for our kids but for us parents too!!

Gift box heaven

Gift box heaven

I’m not a big fan of going to the mall when on vacation (especially if I don’t intend to shop)

Yet I found myself in City Center Mall in Bahrain walking around with the girls after going to the movies and then in the corner of my eye I saw something that I absolutely fell in love with.


A store called the YellowMoon Gift  company.

Such a lovely little store with every size box imaginable.

Rows and rows of ribbons and wrapping paper.

They also had a selection of gift bags, shred and sachets of different colors & sizes.

I loved the smell of ribbon and gift Wrapping paper.


I think if I would let myself go I would buy everything in sight!

Of all the things I thought I’d see this defiantly was Making Life Memorable for me!

Scoop A Cone

Scoop A Cone

Make it your mission this Eid Holiday to do as many special things for your children.

Enjoy every moment you can for as my husband says “Soon they’ll grow up and not want to hang out with us anymore”

Between your Eid visits with extended family take a little break and savor the moment with your little family.

Today’s suggestion is to go out for ice cream. One of our favorites is Scoop a Cone. What’s yours?

Scoop a Cone
Here are the girls Making Life Memorable one scoop at a time!

Scoop A Cone locations:
Dasma 22574508,
Salmiya 69976218,
Bairaq Mall 23824093,
Al Kout Mall 23930607,
Sea Shell Resort in Julaia.
Also available on Talabat

For Kart bookings call: 97276602

In the eye of a child….

In the eye of a child….

As we grow older we forget the small pleasures in our life. I am blessed to have 2 girls that remind me often of those things with their attitude and giddiness.

Like the excitement of packing for a trip rather than the stress of it all.

The plane ride to our destination as part of our fun than hours wasted on a flight.

Didn’t think a Taxi ride would be exciting but they found it intreguing.

The 6 flights in the elevator to reach our room.

Over and above that the fun of jumping up and down  on the hotel bed.

Off course there’s always the long bath and bathrobe pleasure!


So today I stopped, took a deep breath and starting looking at things in the eye of my girls.

Sometimes they teach us lessons and remind us of savoring every moment because today they taught me another meaning of Making Life Memorable.