Daily Archives: February 23, 2014



I sometimes sit and wonder about how many hats I play in a day. Being a mom is really under-rated. The multitasking that we have to do is mind boggling. All while trying to look your best or at least presentable, control your temper and stay focused with a plastered smile. Oh and we won’t even touch on the fact if you had to go to a full time job, or own a business or those good old days of volunteering!

Life must have meaning… REAL meaning. I choose to blog because I want to share my knowledge, crafts, experiences and things I find useful as a mom. A real down to earth (can I say that about myself without sounding pretentious?) content based blog. You will never find me in 100inch red soled heels, I am most likely going to have more ponytail and casual days, and the only entourage I will EVER be walking around with are my little girls.

Yes people do not take offence if you belong to the “BLOGYWOOD” arena this is all based on facts not opinion. No I do not want to be you…it’s just too exhausting to witness. No I do not envy the crowds that hoard you. No I do not want to be oogled over while in public trying to spend time with my family. And No No No for so many other reasons.

It is so apparent that unfortunately there is a hunger in Kuwait for the “Hollywood” lifestyle. Since that’s never gonna happen BLOGYWOOD has been created. An arena of fashionistas and “IT” people to follow, mimic and drool over.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that I’m talking about those specific people that all of a sudden came out of the woodwork and think that they are trend setters and the best thing that’s walked this earth.

Be careful what you’re doing… there is so much more to life. What mark are you leaving behind? What is your contribution to this world? and more importantly WHAT are you going to do when this craze is over??

Advice from me to you… wise up!

Make your life memorable because in a few years when there’s a new Fad in Kuwait you’re only going to be left with just YOU.

(Post inspired by a few people that I used to know and now actually don’t say hello if they see me because they’re in the “IN” crowd)