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I sometimes sit and wonder about how many hats I play in a day. Being a mom is really under-rated. The multitasking that we have to do is mind boggling. All while trying to look your best or at least presentable, control your temper and stay focused with a plastered smile. Oh and we won’t even touch on the fact if you had to go to a full time job, or own a business or those good old days of volunteering!

Life must have meaning… REAL meaning. I choose to blog because I want to share my knowledge, crafts, experiences and things I find useful as a mom. A real down to earth (can I say that about myself without sounding pretentious?) content based blog. You will never find me in 100inch red soled heels, I am most likely going to have more ponytail and casual days, and the only entourage I will EVER be walking around with are my little girls.

Yes people do not take offence if you belong to the “BLOGYWOOD” arena this is all based on facts not opinion. No I do not want to be you…it’s just too exhausting to witness. No I do not envy the crowds that hoard you. No I do not want to be oogled over while in public trying to spend time with my family. And No No No for so many other reasons.

It is so apparent that unfortunately there is a hunger in Kuwait for the “Hollywood” lifestyle. Since that’s never gonna happen BLOGYWOOD has been created. An arena of fashionistas and “IT” people to follow, mimic and drool over.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that I’m talking about those specific people that all of a sudden came out of the woodwork and think that they are trend setters and the best thing that’s walked this earth.

Be careful what you’re doing… there is so much more to life. What mark are you leaving behind? What is your contribution to this world? and more importantly WHAT are you going to do when this craze is over??

Advice from me to you… wise up!

Make your life memorable because in a few years when there’s a new Fad in Kuwait you’re only going to be left with just YOU.

(Post inspired by a few people that I used to know and now actually don’t say hello if they see me because they’re in the “IN” crowd)

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

One of my favorite things to prepare for the girls’ birthdays are props for our DIY photobooth. There are companies out there that set it up for you but I like to do it myself and people nowadays are all photographers with their smart phones so they get to play and have fun on their own without a professional “probing”

We always have a theme for our birthdays so I always have to make sure that the props I make are related. Then I just add the usual things like funky sunglasses, Boas, decorative items that can be used as props.

For Zeenah’s 3rd birthday she wanted a monkey theme so I had printed out a template of a monkey mask.

I then cut out the outline of the mask on brown cardstock. The details of the face and ears with off-white paper.

The step of cutting out the eye holes evenly was a challenge but I managed to do it.

I added a little flower on the monkey’s ear and a little detail on the nose.

Off course the last step is adding the stick for kids to hold the mask up. I use craft sticks that have rounded tips (if I have them available or can find them) I have used the wooden skewers in the past but made sure I taped the sharp ends.

The next on my list was to make a sign to put on the Prop table. I was lucky to find funky frames at one of the local 100fils stores (the Kuwaiti equivalent of the dollar store) so I bought all the colors they had. I knew they would come in handy some day.


Lastly was the setup of the actual booth. We’re lucky to have a big garden that hosts our birthdays. We have an olive tree that provides the best branches to hang an empty frame border, balloons, paper chains and whatever else I can think of. Here’s me posing with my monkey sunglasses during Zeenah’s 3rd Birthday.

Jennah’s 7th birthday she had chosen a queen of hearts theme.
I absolutely and utterly enjoyed planning and decorating for it.
It was so hard to actually make decisions to STOP.
I had made lots of props for that. Queen of hearts hair & Crown, Heart lips, Cheshire cat smile, Mini Golden crown and Teedle Dee/Dum cap.

An Now it’s time to plan Zeenah’s 4th Birthday coming in March!!!

Its all about making life memorable!!

Yarn Scrap

Yarn Scrap

My girls Love to play with yarn. Yes it’s a random thing we have in our household but give them a ball of yarn and they’re like little kitties thinking of what to do with them.

After many yarn crafting sessions, scissors and just cutting for no reason I end up with all sort of lengths of yarn.

YarnIn an effort to keep everything organized I collect all the scraps of yarn and into the Yarn box they go. Well one fine Friday morning while thinking of a crafting session with the girls I decided its time to get “yarny”.

I had the girls sort out all the different colors and try to unknot as much as they can. Off course some were just unknot-able and we had to cut them leaving us with odd lengths and that’s when I had a moment. Lets just do Yarn pompoms. A great way to recycle all this little pieces!


First we placed a large loop of orange yarn as the base of the pompom. Loop
Next it was placing all the different colors and stacking them up over the looped yarn. placement

The last step was weavng the loose end of the looped yarn into the loop and tightening it. looping

Viola!! A Yarn pomom was made 

And more importantly the yarn box is nice and neat…..for now!

The art of gifting

The art of gifting

Ever wonder how some people have the gifting process down and some don’t?? Well I’m blessed to be part of the first category.

I love giving gifts and making gifts and wrapping gifts….basically ANYTHING gifts is my joy. I love it so much that I turned it into a business back in 2005 and have developed it until “present day”, just imagine that being the caption while watching a romantic comedy movie, yes I will not fall under any other genre like thriller or action it could be drama at times but that’s too real… Lovely thing about blogging is the fact that it’s a fragment of reality so we’ll just stick with Romantic Comedy!

Back to the gifting…. I have had the pleasure of Bazaar magazine visiting my new store and writing a wonderful article about my pride and joy of a business. Thank you for everything Bazaar Staff!!!

Be sure to Read the article!! “The Perfect Gift” 

Always remember its all about “Making Life Memorable”