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Guide to your Thanksgiving

Guide to your Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble Kuwait!!! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. How’s your day going so far??

Many of you may be surprised that I don’t host or have Thanksgiving events…. Shocker isn’t it!?!? Well between Halloween events, my birthday & Jennah’s birthday all within a span of less than 2 weeks I call it a day or should I say “Month”, for November off course! Plus I must have a head start for my Christmas events.

With that said I love attending Thanksgiving events. Gives me a chance to be a guest rather than the hostess and THAT’S something to be VERY Thankful for:)

With That said I do want to give those planning their dinner tonight with something I received from allrecipes to make your day go a little smoother.


Always remember its all about “Making Life Memorable” and don’t forget to give thanks and tell those you love that you are Thankful for having them in your life.