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Guide to your Thanksgiving

Guide to your Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble Kuwait!!! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. How’s your day going so far??

Many of you may be surprised that I don’t host or have Thanksgiving events…. Shocker isn’t it!?!? Well between Halloween events, my birthday & Jennah’s birthday all within a span of less than 2 weeks I call it a day or should I say “Month”, for November off course! Plus I must have a head start for my Christmas events.

With that said I love attending Thanksgiving events. Gives me a chance to be a guest rather than the hostess and THAT’S something to be VERY Thankful for:)

With That said I do want to give those planning their dinner tonight with something I received from allrecipes to make your day go a little smoother.


Always remember its all about “Making Life Memorable” and don’t forget to give thanks and tell those you love that you are Thankful for having them in your life.

Jennah’s 7th Birthday

Jennah’s 7th Birthday

We Love having themed birthday parties and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it all come together.

This year Jennah chose to have a Queen of Hearts birthday party. A basic red & black with hearts, “How hard could that be??” I thought! Well in my head things always seem to start simple but I’m not one that does simple. I loooooooooooooooooooooove over the top! “Bigger” and “more is more” is my thing.

So I go old fashioned and grab a pen and paper and start writing my to dos.
1. Invitation & Guest list
2. Cake
3. Set-up
4. Menu & cake
5. Favors
6. Games
Off course I wrote that list but knew that things will definitely be added along the way.

First on the list invitations & Guests.

So I pull out the file on my computer with last years list and print it out. We had a few scratched out names and I also had to give Jennah her list of school kids that she made.

Then the fun part of designing the invitation.



I knew I wanted to have red envelopes and red cardstock for the card. So it was important to make a run to a stationary store before undertaking the design stage. I had to get the envelopes first because only then would I know what size to make the invite.

My second decisions was to design the card for printing on regular white A4. It would just make my life so much easier in getting the color scheme.

A few hours behind the computer and a little cutting here and there.

The final result of a few hours work was something I was very proud of!

7th Birthday memories are beginning to shape up. After all it’s about “Making Life Memorable!”

Taste Of the Holidays

Taste Of the Holidays

The Holiday season is by far my favorite part of the year. Festivities, events, great company and good food!! What more can one ask for??

I’m kicking off the season with my first event of them all! A Tasting event at my shop. Visit us for treats, hot cocoa and a fabulous gifting experience.

The original Basket Boutique at Kipco Tower is ready to be your host. Share the fun and bring your family and friends.

Tasting event

Narnia in Kuwait

Narnia in Kuwait

I’m a huge supporter of the ARTS and really imagine myself living on Broadway and going to the theatre every weekend. With little to resemble that in Kuwait I’m happy to see a shift with many Theatre organizations appearing and having productions for the public. I love how Kuwait has become more active in the Arts and people became more aware and supportive!


This coming Thanksgiving Weekend at Bayt Abdulla is the production of “Narnia” If you haven’t booked yet you’ll be able to purchase ticket Today (Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013) Between 4:30 & 6:30 at the BaytLothan Courtyard.

The greater thing about this play other than it being very entertaining is that it’s also involved in a great charity. The play this week is to help raise KD 10,000 for Terminally ill children through KAACH.

So go ahead and plan a day with your family and friends and book your tickets.