Daily Archives: August 9, 2013

My Blog is Born

My Blog is Born

Today marks a moment where I finally said “That’s it! I just gotta do it!” no more procrastinating and avoiding what I’ve been wanting to do for such a longtime.

Taking those countless requests of “how to-s”, “what’s the recipe” and just pure fun sharing I have taken that leap of entering the blogosphere once again. Yes you read correctly I did say once again….

They say to know where you’re going you should look at where you’ve been, or something like that….so a look back into history when life seemed simpler. I started writing my first blog summer of 2005 . Just talking about me, things I liked, disliked, matters of concerns, life and so forth. No real purpose, no real message just keeping myself and those that read the blog entertained. 14 months latter I posted my last blog post after the birth of my first daughter, Jennah, and just never posted again.

7 years later with a clearer vision and purpose I’m sitting behind the screen with a little knot in my gut typing away my new blog username.

So here’s to a new beginning a little something to inspire and motivate.

Keep remembering “Making Life Memorable” is what it’s all about!